Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compare closing costs between LegalClose and a traditional title company?

All closing and title companies have essentially the same costs that are necessary to complete a real estate closing in specific location (town, city, state), these include things like recording costs, documentary taxes, title insurance premiums, real estate tax and association assessment pro-rations, etc. However, unlike traditional title companies, LegalClose uses modern attorneys and technology to streamline the closing process and reduce closing costs. By using our Closing Cost Predictor® tool, you will be able to see your predicted closing costs and compare the difference.

How about comparing closing costs when I get a loan for my closing?

For comparing closing costs related to a loan closing, you will need to ask your lender for a loan estimate, which will breakdown the specific lender related costs for your loan closing. By providing your lender with the Closing Cost Predictor® results, the lender can incorporate those figures into your loan estimate allowing you to compare it with any other loan estimates you receive.

Does LegalClose use attorneys for closings?

Yes, LegalClose uses real estate attorneys to handle closings through our platform.

Can LegalClose help me prepare a purchase and sale contract?

Yes, LegalClose uses its Real Estate E-Contract® builder to allow you to create a personalized and legal real estate contract in minutes. In order build your Real Estate E-Contract®, you will need to first run your Closing Cost Predictor® and click the Start Closing button to begin the process.

Can LegalClose assist me without a real estate agent involved?

Yes, LegalClose is designed to take you from contract to closing in a simple and streamlined approach.