About Us

LegalClose is upending the traditional real estate closing model. The company was developed by a real estate attorney and a tech entrepreneur with the goal of giving consumers more transparency and control over their real estate closing. At our core, we are guided by the principle that a real estate closing is a legal process best led by an attorney. By infusing technology with modern attorneys, we’ve made real estate closings simple, secure, and legal. Our closing platform creates an efficient closing process allowing you to go from contract to closing with ease. LegalClose is a real estate closing platform for the digital world.

LegalClose in Five Easy Steps

LegalClose upends the traditional real estate closing process. We know your time and money are important to you. We also know the closing process doesn’t have to be stressful. With LegalClose, everything is made simple, secure, and legal. Let’s get started!

Closing Details

Provide us details about your closing.

Attorney Matching

You’re matched with an attorney.

Closing Team Introduction

You’re introduced to your closing team.

Closing Launched

We launch the closing & stay connected.

Closing Completed

Your closing is complete!